A Really Different Way to Pray

Using Pray Each Day really is a different way to pray.

At Pray Each Day, we’re using 21st century technology to bring God’s word and God’s will to rest closer in your heart and thought.

Think of how the discovery of the printing press brought God’s Word closer into people’s homes, and now Pray Each Day is using today’s latest technology to bring you the best of faith, art and science to bring you even closer to God.


Faith, Art, Science together

Faith, art and science together at Pray Each Day, empowering your faith and making for a phenomenon in prayer that has never been experienced before in history.



  • You are not alone. Your Prayer Guide, a fellow Christian, is praying along with you and for you.
  • Your Prayer Guide is emotionally present with you, on a topic that you care about.
  • Scripture stories and passages are included in every prayer to empower your faith.


The music used by Pray Each Day is new, fresh and unique.  The music:

  • helps you stay in the ‘relationship’ part of your brain while you’re praying,
  • is uniquely composed using ancient healing tones called “solfeggio chords” to cradle your prayerful words, and
  • for meditations, integrates 21st century techniques from brain entrainment to:
    1. help keep you focused on the meaning of your words in prayer, and to
    2. keep you focused on your relationship with God.

For the best listening experience, we’ve mixed the soundtracks to be heard using your earbuds or headphones. This way helps keep out distractions and ensures that listening happens on a deeper, more sustaining level.



  • Each prayer is led by a Prayer Guide, a vocal professional who is sharing his or her God-given gift to speak prayerfully and serve as your Prayer Guide.
  • Underscoring each prayer is an original musical composition that you can only hear at Pray Each Day.
  • And each soundtrack is produced with the highest quality and skills in recording and mixing to ensure the purest prayer experience for you.

Take Pray Each Day anywhere!

Perfectly designed to...

  • Be personal for you
  • Engage your thoughts and prayers
  • Be listened to with earbuds or headphones

For your life with Christ, Pray Each Day offers...

  • A quiet place with God
  • A personal space to pray
  • Words for times when words seem to fail

Start with what your soul is aching for – healing, creativity or rest in God.

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Hispanic woman listening to mp3 player

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Benefits in your...


  • Find strength anytime, anywhere
  • Be one with the body of Christ
  • Get inspired with prayers that enrich your faith


  • Increase your capacity to receive love
  • Improve your ability to trust
  • Widen your compassion
  • Stand true to your values

and for your...


  • Hear God’s Wisdom
  • Increase your optimism
  • Expand your creativity
  • Strengthen your sense of direction and purpose


  • Reduce your anxiety and stress
  • Improve your immune system
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Get more peaceful sleep
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Prayer Made Simple

Discover prayers, meditations and contemplations that speak to your immediate needs.



When you need a quick perspective, or need a lifesaver moment, tap into a prayer that meets your immediate need.

A prayer has five parts:

1. calls upon God, using the name for God that relates to the subject of the prayer

2. says something about what is known about God and your concern,

3. expresses your need,

4. resolves to ask or thank God, or turn the issue over to God.

5. Ends with a big AMEN.

The prayers often will include stories or images from Holy Scripture related to the prayer topic. Savor the prayers and truly allow yourself to mean each word. Like singing your favorite song, prayers that speak your needs are to be prayed over and over again whenever you are feeling that longing.

Prayers on Pray Each Day are about 2-3 minutes and specific to your need.

Daily Prayers

We offer a daily morning and evening prayer frameworks also. In those prayers you will hear inspiring Scripture and then be guided to pray for different people and issues in your life. These are based on the ancient outline of prayer from St. Benedict.

Prayers from Scripture

You can also rest well with favorites such as the 23rd Psalm and The Lord's Prayer.


Christian Meditation

When you have a larger concern that needs Jesus’ wisdom and healing presence.

First is to become grounded in your breath. Your breath is your sacred gift from God. Gotta’ start there, know it, feel it, be aware of how close God blesses you. Let’s face it, if you can’t slow down and be with your breath, the most intimate gift from God, you are not going to be able to hear anything God has to tell you.

Breath comes first. Ultimately, always.

The next step is to invite Jesus into your heart. Imagine you are sitting there with him and tell him what is on your heart. The meditation topic you choose from Pray Each Day will guide you in these steps.

Now in the presence of Jesus, observe the energy of your concern. Step back, notice as much as you can about the feelings, appearance, and details of the spiritual energy of your concern. You will be asked to describe it in detail to Jesus. You can do that aloud or silently. Try not to add more emotion, just describe what you notice. Fully bring your concern to Jesus.

Jesus will transform the spiritual energy of what you are dealing with. You may want to repeat the meditation several times over the course of several days if it’s a particularly challenging issue. You will notice the negative energy dissolving and changing. It’s important to observe it with Jesus and tell him what you are noticing or the changes in feelings you are having.

This is Christian meditation: fully give your concern to Jesus and be in His presence with your concern. Let Christ’s presence redeem and strengthen you. Your fears and concerns will transform.

Meditations on Pray Each Day are about 7-15 minutes in length.



A contemplation is sitting in the presence of God for a generous period of time and allowing the Holy Spirit to teach you about a word, feeling, or image.

You will hear a word or phrase or passage of Holy Scripture. Let the words resonate in your heart. Don't force thoughts but let thoughts and feelings about the passage, or word, swirl around coming to rest in your heart. During the pauses let the music serve as an open door to let the Holy Spirit into your mind and heart.

This practice comes from the tradition of ‘lectio divina’ meaning divine reading or divine word. Christians read and ponder a word or phrase of scripture, waiting in reverence and being open to what the Holy Spirit inspires them about the word or phrase they pondered.

These are wonderful to listen to as you end the day, ready for sleep. You want to be relaxed and open when contemplating. It's perfectly fine to fall asleep while in the middle of a contemplation. The words of wisdom will continue to nestle in your mind.

Beware of the incredible power this prayer practice generates. The meaning of words will never be the same again. Words become alive with power.

Contemplations are longer, 14-35 minutes.