How it all began...
It was summertime. In New Orleans. At the convention center. It was hot. There I was. Backstage. In the dark. Alone. With my crisis.
I just brought together Colin Powell and Deepak Chopra in conversation, on stage. Two men with polar opposite careers yet both men of peace. But where was my peace?
My pending doom was nothing I could stop, solve, or slow down. No solution, no peace. Just inevitable combustion. And it came in an instant.
Sitting in the ashes of the aftermath, I needed to be reminded of God’s love, daily, maybe even hourly, that I could lean on His strength, that I still had purpose here on earth. I was stunned, hurt, angry, and broken. But where to turn to find encouragement? Support?
Nothing on TV would help. Have you looked lately? Friends tried but they had busy lives too. Books?  Which ones? I hardly had the energy to read.
So I started looking where we all look for answers these days, online.  Looking for God. For His peace. His strength. His love.
What I found were thousands of YouTube videos about God. Quotes of scripture, even entire passages. Sunday morning sermons from across the globe. Sermons can be good but often they don’t help in a crisis.
I needed spiritual support. Real spiritual support. I needed connection with God. I needed to hear that I wasn’t alone. I needed to experience God is with me, for me. And I needed it at least daily if not hourly. And maybe others needed it too.
I prayed and began to think on this. And God inspired me. He inspired me to bring prayers and meditations for Christians online: meaningful, useful, inspiring, loving, nurturing, scripture-based, “I can use every day” Christian prayers that we can all use, wherever we are, anytime of the day or night. Even when we’re alone. Especially when we’re alone. There with God. With His peace. His strength. His love.
To accomplish this inspiration, I was going to need help, a team. For content, I reached out to my friend The Rev. Dr. Beth Kelly. For music, I reached out to Jan Sanborn (my mother). And to produce, Jan introduced me to Michael Boddicker. What a team! Thank you God.
With God leading us, we knew what we were about to create had to be different. But how? After some research and creative work, we chose to apply the latest breakthroughs in music techniques and audio technologies that support brain health and increase emotional well-being. Faith and science together, a powerful combination.
Today, all of us are living our own personal journeys, our missions, to realize God’s peace, strength, and love in our lives. And now with Pray Each Day, this spiritual “fueling” station of prayers and meditations, each us can find the encouragement we want and the support we need to live a richer, more powerful life with God.
My prayer for you is that you’ll find a richer, deeper life with God here, and that you’ll know and grow His love for you.

Meet the Prayer Builders

Steve Sanborn

Co-Founder & Visionary

Steve grew up in southern California in the pew, performance and production efforts of the region’s largest independent Baptist church. There, he developed a well-tuned ear to the sound of the Gospel in music, prayer, and preaching. During high school and college, he toured two summers with Continental Singers and worked with several leading Christian music artists. With his Jesuit university education and international MBA, he began his career working with Radio City Music Hall. Since then he went on to work with Fortune 500 companies shepherding the development and delivery of pivotal global and domestic marketing initiatives.

Beth Kelly

Co-Founder & Chief Spiritual Officer

She thought she would be either a jazz musician or doctor, but Jesus tapped her on the shoulder at 19 and set her to work the next thirty years teaching prayer and scripture. Ordained in the Episcopal Church in 1987, she was the first woman priest to have private audience with the pope in 2003. Known for her preaching and teaching, she currently is the head pastor of a congregation in Southern California. Her doctoral studies were in the effects of music on spirituality and the neuroscience related to prayer and music.

Michael Lehmann Boddicker

Producer, Composer

One of the leading music composers and producers for Hollywood, he is thrilling on synthesizer known in particular for his session work with Michael Jackson on Thriller, Bad and Dangerous albums. He has worked with Barry Manilow, Celine Dion and Chicago, and has composed or played on numerous film scores, including “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai,” “The Adventures of Milo & Otis”. Michael finds wrapping all his talents for this Kingdom work of recording prayers, meditations, and contemplations soul satisfying. His studio Sol7 Mix & Audio Post is where all the talent and faith are married to make Pray Each Day the most unique online prayer resource available today.

Meet the Prayer Builders

Jan Sanborn

Composer, Pianist

Each prayer and contemplation is cradled in the music of Jan Sanborn. Her versatility enables her to perform in a wide range of musical experiences - as soloist, accompanist, and coach - in classical and popular idioms. Like an icon painter "writes" an icon, Jan "writes" the prayers with original music for a amazing transcendent feel.  Jan  is a published composer and arranger and member of ASCAP. Her work has been performed by Southern California's many choral organizations, including Pacific Chorale, Roger Wagner Chorale and the Angeles Chorale. She has been President of the of the Choral Conductors Guild.

Alvin Chea


Alvin Chea is an American Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Arranger, Author, Voice-Over Artist, and a founding member of the 10-time Grammy award-winning gospel ensemble Take 6. Take 6 is the most nominated R&B, Gospel, or Jazz vocalists in Grammy history. He is also the author of BassLines, a book chronicling his over 31-year career history as a Recording Artist and Entertainer.

In 2012 Alvin was the Voice of God for the NAACP Image Awards, a career highlight. Alvin has been a professional Musician and V/O Artist for over 30 years. He credits his abiding Faith and love for his family with his longevity and success.

Josie Coleman


Josie's faith is the foundation of her life and has kept her grounded and real in relationship with Christ.  She is the mother of two incredible human beings - Sarah Jane and Guy.  Josie has a passion for reading Scripture out loud and has recorded the Gospel of John.  She regularly preaches, and teaches bible studies to women's groups both in the US and the UK.

Melissa Disney


You’ve now doubt already heard Melissa Disney as the voice of the Oscars, Emmys, Country Music and Billboard Music Awards. Her animation fans know and love her as the coolest queen of the nerds, Ginger Foutley from Nickelodeon’s “As Told By Ginger” as well as the newest Marvel Superhero -American Dream, The Simpsons, Jakers! with Mel Brooks, Superman and current top secret video games. Melissa will forever be known as the “1st Female Voice of Movie Trailers” for her versatile body of work across multiple genres of trailers including Nicolas Cage’s “Gone in 60 Seconds”. Musically, she has been the singing voice of Snow White and can be heard voicing characters for numerous toys, dolls and albums.Melissa started the LAVoiceoverAcademy, and has been asked to teach and speak all over the country.


Frank Montenegro


Voice Artist Frank Montenegro is a broadcast radio veteran. You can hear his voice on the brand new NBC Sports smash hit "Grudge Race".
His radio production chops can be heard nationally on the 25 minute daily audio broadcast "Pastor Rick's Daily Hope" (Rick Warren).
Frank has received numerous Telly awards for his voice work, and recently, he and the Daily Hope team, were awarded the NRB Billy Graham award for excellence in Christian Communications. Frank makes his home in the mojave desert with his wife Sabrina and Daughter Sophia.

Nan McNamara


Nan McNamara is the recipient of the L.A. Drama Critics Circle Award and L.A. Weekly Award for her performance in WIT.  She has performed in over fifty stage productions including leading roles in LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT, THE CRUCIBLE, UNCLE VANYA and AS YOU LIKE IT.  TV/film roles include SWITCHED AT BIRTH, CRIMINAL MINDS, CASTLE, 4CLOSED (with Paul Sorvino and Marlee Matlin) and NOT THAT FUNNY (with Tony Hale).  Nan’s voice has been heard in hundreds of radio and television commercials, as well as a number of video games (including the Gears of War franchise).  She is also an Earphones Award-winning audiobook narrator.  Previously, Nan served as Director of Worship at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, as well as Producing Director of Actors Co-op, a Christian theatre company in Hollywood where she continues to perform on stage and oversees their marketing.

Serena Travis


Serena developed a love for the audio format as a little girl. She loved to listen to the Bible storyteller Ethel Barrett on records and other stories on cassette tapes. She also loved to act in school and church plays and so the combination of audio and acting naturally led her to pursue voiceover. She partnered with Melissa Disney to start the LA Voiceover Academy in 2015. She and her husband Drake co-host of TV talk show, The High Road Show. She narrates the Bible at the Seven Streams Bible Reading Method podcast. In addition, Serena publishes books with the imprint Living Stones Publications. In 2014, Serena launched the Internet Podcast Database, also known as

Khristian Dentley


Khristian Dentley is the baritone for the singing group Take 6.  The group was formed in 1980 and Khristian joined the group in 2011.  During their career the group has sold millions of recordings and has won countless awards including ten Grammy Awards.  The group has been active in music advocacy programs, such as those funded or created by NAMM.  Take 6 was interviewed at the 2013 Anaheim NAMM Show as the group was on hand to promote the importance of music education.

Edie Lehmann Boddicker


Edie has worked on hundreds of feature films, commercials, television shows and records. Her many projects as vocalist/contractor/conductor include The Grammys, The Oscars, American Idol, The Voice, Rio 1 & 2, The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age 2,3 & 4 and Happy Feet 1 & 2. Current movies/projects that she has contracted/sang are Hidden Figures, Hairspray Live!, Echo Society V, Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters 2016, and Storks. Current artists include Neil Young, Herb Alpert, Awolnation, The Weeknd, Nate Ruess, Michael Bublé, Janelle Monáe, Josh Groban, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Muse. Classic albums include Madonna, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Barbra Streisand.