Pray Each Day can now be found on YouTube!

Over 45 prayers, meditations, and contemplations, available as singles or in themed albums of Heal, Create, and Rest.


Ok I'll start. How do I use Pray Each Day?

  1. Choose a time to pray. Most people find first thing in the morning or end of the day easiest. It's important to pray each day to build your faith and relationship with Jesus.
  2. Put on your earbuds or headphones for an optimal experience and get comfortable.
  3. Consider the longing of your heart -- give yourself the time to be with Christ in prayer.
  4. Choose a prayer and listen to it daily for at least 3 weeks for that is the threshold to take in a lasting difference.

How often do I use Pray Each Day?

Each day! Same time, same place. Set apart a time to pray each day.

Throughout the day if you feel anxious or drifting from the peace of Christ, take time to listen to a prayer that will strengthen and enliven you in God's love.

Build your faith and know peace by praying each day.

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Where do I use Pray Each Day?

Tap into Pray Each Day when you are in a space where you won't be interrupted. Close your eyes and start listening so you'll be in "a chapel in my head," your special place with Christ.